Andrew Martin


Cybersecurity student with a passion for learning and securing systems. Earned a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity in 2023 and on track to earn a Master of Science in Cybersecurity by the Spring of 2024. Proven ability to troubleshoot and secure systems, with experience in virtualization, containerization, and cybersecurity practices. Seeking full-time positions for post-graduation.


Michigan Technological University

M.S. Cybersecurity, Network Security Management

Expected Graduation: Spring 2024

Michigan Technological University

B.S. Cybersecurity, System and Network Security

Overall GPA: 3.77 Departmental GPA: 3.90

Teaching / Lab Assistant Experience: 

Michigan Technological University

Cybersecurity, Teaching / Lab Assistant 

Information Governance and Risk Management, Teaching / Lab Assistant 

CyberHusky, Teaching / Lab Assistant 


Michigan Technological University

Security Team, Networking and Computing Student Association (NCSA)

Michigan Technological University

Member, RedTeam@MTU

Professional Experience

Universal Music Group


Intern, Identity Access Management

May – Aug 2023

Level Data


Intern, IT Technician

May – Aug 2020/21/22

Additional Relevant Experience

Home Lab

Manages a dynamic home lab environment comprised of several interconnected virtualization, containerization, and network-attached storage instances

Maintains and implements a variety of services such as pfSense, NGINX Proxy Manager, Portainer, Ubuntu Server, Windows Server 2019, and local and cloud-based Domain Name Systems. In addition, creates unique scripts and programs in Python, BASH, YAML, and Powershell to automate a variety of operations 

Server Cluster for Michigan Technological University's College of Computing

As a Graduate Project, led the design, configuration, and implementation of a high-performance, highly available server cluster to support the Cybersecurity and CNSA programs

Utilizing the Proxmox Hypervisor and TrueNAS Scale, successfully clustered and configured 21x servers, using management tools like TrueCommand, NetBox, Ansible, and Cloud-Init to automate tasks and optimize cluster performance

Created comprehensive documentation for cluster maintenance, ensuring long-term reliability

Significantly improved the Cybersecurity and CNSA program's capabilities through the development of a robust and scalable server infrastructure, resource optimization, and high availability

Technical Skills

Kali Linux & Offensive Cybersecurity Tools

Virtualization Technologies (VMWare/Proxmox)

Containerization (Docker/Kubernetes) 

Version Control Management (GitHub/Bitbucket) 

Microsoft Azure, Active Directory, LDAP, Office 365 Suite

Scripting in Python, BASH, Powershell, and YAML

Structured Query Language (SQL)

Domain Name System (DNS) & Reverse Proxy

Windows & Linux Operating Systems


Single Sign On (SSO)

Data Analysis

Customer Service


Data Center Operations

Network/System Configurations


Alex Taube

Universal Music Group, Senior Manager - Identity & Access Management

August 13th, 2023

"Andrew worked for me during his summer internship in 2023. He was a consummate professional, always looking for more ways to contribute to the team. He delivered requests quickly and took on tasks that were sometimes challenging and/or tedious without hesitation or complaint. I truly enjoyed working with Andrew over the last several months and would recommend him for virtually any entry-level position in Cybersecurity."

Matt Betts

Level Data Inc., President

November 15th, 2022

"Andrew worked for us at Level Data. He is very bright, talented, curious, and eager to learn. He was always willing to take on new projects. He is a perfectionist who loves new challenges. Andrew’s fantastic communication and interpersonal skills make him exceptional and allow him to stand out from his peers. Andrew has an incredibly bright future and will be a great asset to any organization lucky enough to have him as an employee."

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